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1,000 Works of Art

Today I am happy to announce that I'm beginning my biggest collage art series to date, "One Thousand Works of Art". In the style and medium I have done in the past, these works will address themes of natural/supernatural, possible/impossible. All 1,000 pieces will be displayed ongoing, and mailed to my subscribers on ZIIBRA. I will also be supporting The Nature Conservancy 's Plant a Billion Trees Program, by donating a percentage of profits. This means for every piece that I sell, there will be TEN trees planted to reforest the deforested places on Earth! If you have thought of owning a piece of art at an affordable price, and for a good cause, now is the time. Tell your neighbors and grandparents and the guy at the coffee shop to check out my page: Thank you!

The Formation of Satellites

Mint Conditioner

Aquaduct and the Watermelon Works

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